Overhead Engineering

Overhead Engineering

We formed Overhead Engineering to specialise in overhead and construction engineering projects.

Our team focuses on consulting with the client to evaluate and design effective construction solutions. We are experienced in a range of temporary works and construction engineering design including tower cranes, hoists and concrete placing booms.

Tower Cranes

At Overhead Engineering, we have experienced in self-errecting, hammerhead and luffing cranes.

With our drafting and engineering expertise we can assist with freestanding foundation designs, staging, tie design, structural steel support grillages and signage.


The Overhead Engineering team can provide their expertise for the foundation, staging and tie designs of construction hoists.

Concrete Placing Booms

We can assist with the design and engineering requirements of concrete placing booms in your next Overhead Engineering project. Our team can design and engineer freestanding foundation designs, staging and tie design.